Are wooden beds coming back into fashion?

Are wooden beds coming back into fashion?

Here at One Stop furniture shop online we have noticed that in the past 3 months

the demand for wooden bed frames has increased. It is easy to understand why

such a classic style has come back in to the forefront of our customers minds

when looking for the perfect bed.

A key factor for many when purchasing furniture, and particularly beds, is

reliability. 91% of wooden bed frames are made with the single wooden class slat,

rather than the less dependable arched mdf double slat. There is no doubt that

this adds to the durability of the bed frame, and therefore makes the purchase an

even better value for money. For more information on the use of sprung slats,

please see UK bed buying advice at: (

are-sprung- slats/26)

Home fashion trends change on a regular basis, which makes purchasing more

bulky items such as bed frames difficult. The dilemma strikes in looking for a

frame that will stand the test of time, but also be stylish and not become

outdated every time you decide to decorate. Not only does a white wooden

frame give any room a classic touch, but the neutral style also presents many

options for décor. Avoiding brighter colours when choosing a bed frame allows for

greater versatility when decorating; you will never have a problem when looking

for something that goes with white. Additionally, if you were looking for a pop of

colour to brighten up your bedroom, why not follow the tips of Ideal Home,

( bedroom-ideas-

35343) and add this in an area that is less expensive, and easier, to change, such

as your bedroom wall. The white bed frame against the purple wall helps create a

strong contrast, which we believe helps the colour to pop even more!

Not only can you use colour, but also style of the bedframe itself in order to fit

your desired sense of style. Wooden beds are great in that they offer a choice in

their design aspects. You are not restricted to one specific model, tailor your

choice using high or low foot end or rounded headboards. Without a doubt, the

right bed frame can add character to any bedroom, and wooden frames have the

versatility that makes it a great choice for many customers.

Whilst choosing an item of furniture, you must always consider not only the style

of the piece, but also how practical it is. This can be particularly important for

families, who often need to maximise space, without making a room look

cluttered or messy. The purchase of single wooden bed frames from our website

increased by 50% in January alone. A majority of these sales have come from

parents wanting to achieve a desired look within their children’s bedrooms, and

also being conscious of the sheer size of the bed itself. Bed frames often take up

the most space in any room, it can serve as a focal point, meaning choosing the

right frame is essential. A benefit that comes with our wooden bedframes is that

you do not have to sacrifice the look of the piece for functionality. Our child

frames have an average side rail distance from the ground of 20cm. This provides

ample storage for items such as toys or books under the bed, without creating a

crowded feel within the bedroom. Additionally, our beds are the standard UK size

(3’ singles) which are always a good fit regardless of the size of the bedroom. If

any parents are looking for more advice in choosing a bed for their child, be sure

to look at this article from the parenting support centre,

( beds.cfm) which lists all of

the pros and cons from a number of beds to choose from.

At One Stop Furniture Shop, we understand that making well informed decisions

are important when buying a bed, no one wants to waste their money. Wooden

bed frames may not be for everyone, which is why we also offer a variety of other

bedframes which you should not feel any hesitation in asking for further

information on if you need it. But for now it seems, wooden bed frames are

having a real resurgence in popularity, and we can certainly understand why!

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