Student houses – Why is the furniture so important?

Student houses – Why is the furniture so important?

Here at One Stop Furniture Shop, we have noticed an increase in the number of student lettings across Nottingham, and with move in season quickly approaching, there has been one question on everyone’s lips ‘Does it really matter what furniture is provided within a student house?’ We Spoke to Heather, a second year student from the University of Nottingham to see how furniture shaped her decisions when choosing where to live.

‘I would say that the way the bedrooms were kitted out definitely had an impact on the house we ended up choosing in the end. At Uni, we need a desk each due to the amount of coursework, and everyone agreed we didn’t mind paying a little extra if we got a double bed after all being in singles during first year! We really appreciate that our landlord also made sure our communal area had a sofa and kitchen table, as this made the whole house feel more like a home. All in all, I would agree that furniture is important for student housing, as when a landlord looks after the property and provides the basics that we need, we definitely want to stay in that house for longer and look after our furniture as well!’

At One Stop Furniture shop, we understand that landlords need to be able to strike the right balance between quality, and price. Which is why we offer a range of furniture to suit any budget, but we never scrimp on quality. Our pieces are made to last, which give you piece of mind and value for money.

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